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Fulfilling our Mission through Retail Opportunities…

In addition to providing employment opportunities in our manufacturing and administrative divisions, South Texas Lighthouse for the Blind also provides opportunities in its Retail and Government Services division.  In 1997, South Texas Lighthouse began operating three base service centers (BSC's) in Texas at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Naval Air Station Kingsville and Naval Station Ingleside.  Formerly known as "ServMarts," these stores, now called "1 Store Solutions," provide a convenient location on military installations where personnel can purchase office supplies and the janitorial/sanitary supplies required by the various commands on base.

 In 1998, the Lighthouse began to operate the BSC at Travis Air Force Base in California and opened the BSC at NAS Meridian in Mississippi in 2005 and one at Columbus Air Force Base in ???.  In addition to the convenience of shopping at the base store, there are over 13,000 products that can be ordered online at

Shortly after acquiring the BSC at Travis Air Force Base, South Texas Lighthouse for the Blind also added the individual equipment element (flight gear, gloves, boots, etc) and hazardous materials operations at Travis AFB.  The Texas Navy bases also turned over their hazardous materials operations to the Lighthouse.  We are also under contract with NAS Kingsville to provide their personnel with flight gear and similar products. 

In addition to the base service stores, individual equipment element and hazardous materials operations, the Lighthouse provide a service contract to Corpus Christi Army Depot's safety store.
All of these operations have contributed greatly to the Lighthouse's ability to provide employment opportunities to individuals who are visually impaired.  Not only have these operations provided retail jobs, the base stores also sell the products that are manufactured by blind employees at South Texas Lighthouse for the Blind and other similar agencies across the country.

You may contact any of our base stores at the following numbers:

  • Corpus Christi Naval Air Station 1 Store Solutions, 361.939.0269
  • CCAD Safety Store, 361.937.8687
  • Kingsville Naval Air Station 2 Store Solutions, 361.592.4819
  • Ingleside Naval Station 1 Store Solutions, 361.776.4505
  • Travis Air Force Base 1 Store Solutions, 707.424.0597
  • Meridian Naval Air Station 1 Store Solutions, 601.679.3147
  • Columbus Air Force Base 1 Store Solutions, 662.434.2401
    For additional information about retail opportunities, please contact Dave Marshall at 707.372.4968.

  • 4421 Agnes Street Corpus Christi, TX. 78405 Phone: 361.883.6553
    Toll Free 888.255.8011